Weekend lost…

We spent the weekend at the beach and didn’t make any progress on the roof.  The Dicor was delivered on Friday, so I have everything I need (other than time) to complete the project.  I decided to order the Dicor from Amazon because it was available with Prime shipping and it actually arrived in one day instead of two.  The weather is looking OK for the rest of the week so I’m hoping I can make some good progress.

Started on the roof

I was hoping to spot repair the roof, but once I started digging I decided on a complete tear off.  Last night I began at the rear of the trailer and will be moving forward.  I’m working on this a few hours per day after work, so I’m expecting progress to be slow.  In the pictures below you can see that there’s no wood left in the corners.

20140722_183057_resized 20140722_184247_resized 20140722_185331_resized 20140722_185448_resized 20140722_191238_resized

Slow weekend

I didn’t get too much done this weekend.  I was able to get the dinette removed and I’ll be using this as a template to make a new one.  When I removed the dinette table base about 1/2 of the screws were rusted completely away.  All of the vinyl floor has been removed in the dinette/kitchen area and it’s prepped for the floor replacement.

I made it out to Home Depot on Sunday and picked up all the wood for the roof, walls, and floor.  I’ll be starting work on the roof tonight.

Making progress and finding more issues

Over the past two days we’ve continued demolition.  As I dig further into the trailer I’m quickly uncovering more problems.  Below are the things I’m currently working through.

  • I have the interior walls removed from the rear of the trailer.  It looks like most of the read wall will need to be replaced.  The side wall need a few feet of top and bottom plates replaced and a few studs.
  • The underbelly was holding water in the insulation.  I needed to remove the drenched insulation and waterproof barrier from 3/4 of the trailer.  The plywood floor is seaked through from the rear of the trailer to the kitchen and will be replaced.
  • I’ve pulled the ceiling out along the edges and three rafters will need to be replaced when I repair the ceiling.  Today I received the Dicor adhesive and Eternabond.  I’m hoping to start on the roof this weekend sometime.

I still need to get into the front bedroom.  There’s water damage on one wall, but it appears to be from a leaking window.  I’ll be pulling that wall panel and will replace a section of plywoon on the roof.  The roof in the front is a littke soft, but nothing like the rear.

As I make progress I’ll continue to update the site.  Sandie seems to think this will be a year long project and I expect to be camping in September.  We’ll see who’s right.


First day of demolition

I started picking away at the dinette area to see how bad the trailer is.  The back half of the dinette needs to be rebuilt and the studs in the corners & base plate need to be replaced.  Judging by what I felt on the roof, the other side will be as bad or a little worse.

I was able to get a look at the roof thought the ceiling and it’s what I expected.  I ordered Dicor adhesive, lap sealant, and eternabond and should have the roof materials next week.  I’ll keep picking away at the inside a little at a time while I wait.  In the mean time, here’s a picture from today.

day 1 demo interior

Day 2 of RV ownership

Day 2 seemed pretty unproductive in the way of getting on the road.  For the most part we planned repairs & upgrades while figuring out controls.  There’s a lot we still need to figure out and we have many minor repairs to make.  Below are the major projects we’ll be starting immediately.

  • Roof – All 4 corners are soft along with parts of the side.  I’m going to attempt to pull the rubber back to fix since thats in fairly good shape.
  • Interior walls – There are 3 ares that have water damage to the paneling.  I’m pulling the bedroom & dinette areas to evaluate damage.
  • Reseal all windows and slide.

It looks like rain over the next few days, so that’s going to delay the roof work.  I’m going to remove the inside paneling tonight and plan to pull a section of floor so I can see any damage below.  We’ll be starting with structural repairs and keeping water out.

On positive note, we did make the trek out to Camping World which was fun even though it cost us a few hundred dollars.  By the kids reaction you’d think we were going to Disney.

We finally have a trailer!!!

After nearly 10 years of searching, talking, drooling and getting cold feet we finally have a travel trailer to call our own. Over the years we’ve gone to RV shows, dealers, private sellers and have always found a reason to bail on our dream.  We finally decided to make it happen and picked up a project to get us started.

So, here’s our new (to us) 2000 KZ Sportsmen 2505 being towed by our diesel 1999 Suburban K2500.







She has a few issues, so she’ll fit right in with the rest of our family and that’s the way we like it.

We plan to use this blog as a journal to document our projects and adventures for ourselves, family, friends, and anyone else interested in following along.  The kids have all called their beds, so we’re starting on some cleanup and repairs tomorrow and will be making our maiden voyage very soon.