Almost started the roof

This weekend started off rough.  I was planning to work on the trailer over the 4 day weekend, but my Friday holiday turned into a 12 hour work day.  Saturday I put a 1/2 day into the trailer since we were having family over for a BBQ.  Even with the interuptions, I make okay progress.


I started out wiring the exterior lights.  I had issues with one running light and one tail light that I was quickly able to fix.  The way it sits all of the lights are connected and tested, but still need to be caulked.

20140831_103233_resized 20140831_103237_resized











Next I went to work on the interior walls.  The passenger side wall is up and the window is cutout.  I was also able to get the ceiling in.

20140831_145442_resized 20140831_145457_resized











I was hoping to get started on the roof today and almost made it.  I got the first section of roof insulated and as I was getting the first piece of OSB in place it started to rain.  I was just able to get the trailer tarped before it really started coming down, but that ended my day of work.

We have a birthday party on tomorrow, so if it’s nice in the morning I’ll either work on the remaining interior walls or the roof.


Siding up & truck problems

Tuesday started off rough.  As I headed off to Home Depot for luan & insulation my truck broke down in the driveway.  I’m thinking it’s the lift pump, but this really side tracked my planned tasks for the day.  After I had the truck towed, I began to pick away at some smaller jobs.

I started with fixing the hole the previous owner put in the front of the trailer.  For this I used Bondo long hair filler to fill the gaping wound, standard body filler as a skim coat, and glazing putty to fill the pin holes.  It looks like I’ll be painting this whole panel at some point.



















Next I tackled the siding which actually went smother than expected.  Since this was the source of most of the water damage I decided to caulk under the edged of the siding beneath where the butyl/trim will go.













Reinstalled the wiring in the rear wall.  While I wait to get my truck back I’ll be installing the lights.







Started repairs to the wood around the refrigerator vent.  The wood has been fitted, but still needs to be buttoned up.  I did find that the ceiling in the bathroom is a bit soft inside the cabinet and above the sink.

20140825_161505_resized 20140825_163038_resized






Lastly, I finished the top plates on the side walls, reinstalled the hatch under the sofa & started replacing all the rusted hex screws.  When I went to replace the fresh water fill I found that the hoses had been glued to the filler neck.  The hoses were pretty disgusting, so the new ones will be delivered on Friday (thanks Amazon) so I can finish that this weekend.

Rear wall up and started on the sides

It was a long weekend, but I really got a lot accomplished.  It felt like I spent most of my time going back and forth to Home Depot, but I got the floor joists fixed, section of floor replaced, and rear wall rebuilt.

I was able to get started on the side walls last night and after a long few days I finally made my first big mistake that will cost me some time.  Rushing to get a few more studs in I cut an existing board 2 inches short which will require me to rething that whole wall.

Here are some photos of my progress so far.

20140810_175633_resized 20140810_175643_resized 20140810_175628_resized 20140810_173738_resized 20140810_173713_resized 20140810_161620_resized 20140810_161603_resized 20140809_172943_resized 20140809_172955_resized 20140809_195845_resized 20140810_140755_resized