Inside is going back together

Over the past week we’ve worked hard on the trailer.

On the outside I’ve finished putting the trim back on the rear corners and around the slide.  I’ve also removed the vinyl from the nose of the trailer and will be prepping it for paint.  We also started talking about replacement graphics and wat we’ll be doing there.


On the inside, we have the walls and cabinets painted and are starting to put the new vinyl floor down.  All of the appliance kinks have been worked out and all is running well.

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Yesterday I pulled the toilet to replace the blade seal, but found that it also needs a new blade.  That part has been ordered and should be here with the closet flange seal by Wednesday (Amazon really makes being unprepared easier with 2 day shipping).  The good news is we now own the cleanest 13-year-old RV toilet!!!




Roof is done & started buttoning up the inside

We only had Sunday to work on the trailer this past weekend, but got more done than I expected.  I was finally able to finish the last of the roof (vents & lap sealant).  I also wired the A/C unit back up and tested all the appliances.  It took a little playing with, but the refrigerator is now working on both gas & electric.

My wife started painting the cabinets and has moved on to the inside of the trailer.  We were planning to wallpaper the kitchen/dinette area, but we’re going to paint it for now due to time & cost.

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I’m looking to have everything painted and the new floor down by this weekend.  On the outside, I still need to finish the trim around the slide, install and seal windows, pack the wheel bearings, check the brakes, and complete the spring over lift.  Out first trip is towards the end of October and want this all done 2 weeks ahead so I can get it inspected and do a road test.

Made our 1st camping reservation

We’re still working hard to get the trailer ready, but we made our first reservation!!!  We’ll be staying 3 days at Jellystone in October, so we better get moving.  I don’t know that the trailer will be 100% complete, but it’ll be road worthy, clean, and dry (3 things it wasn’t 2 months ago).


We missed the waterpark fun at Jellystone, but are looking forward to the Halloween themed weekend.  We’re huge fans of Halloween and should have a blast.  Now it’s time to dig out the Halloween decorations…and we have a lot.

Late night working on the roof

I started installing the EPDM roofing around 2:30pm and finished up installing vents and lap sealant after midmight.  I wasn’t planning to get everything back to the roof last night, but rain was forecast overnight and I didn’r want to tarp the trailer again.  While I was installing the vents I ran out of screws (went through 300 of them), so I still have 2 vents to finish and a lot of lap sealant to install.


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We’ve got wood…on the roof

It’s been a long time coming, but on Friday I finally put the OSB down on the roof.  I still need to do some prep work before installing the EPDM and hope to get that done this coming weekend.

20140904_182851_resized 20140905_142952_resized 20140905_143007_resized






In the mean time I’ll be scraping butyl tape, lap sealant and silicone (yes, I said silicone) from the roof vents and trim.  When I was scraping the first roof vent I found that the previous owner gobbed silicone all over so I’m sure that was the point of some of my leaks.  I also picked up new plumbing and vent lids since these all realistically saw the end of their life long ago.

To help with some driveway clearance issues I ordered 2 Dexter spring over axle lift kits for the trailer. These should give us roughly an extra 2 1/2″ of clearance and will hopefully prevent the bumper from dragging.  Once the roof is done I’m jumping right into this lift, brakes, and wheel bearings.