Thanksgiving in Williamsburg, VA

The whole family has been looking forward to this trip for the last month.  When our usual plans for Thanksgiving fell through we decided we’d with the road for Williamsburg this year.  Cooking a large meal in the trailer would be a first for us, but at the very least should be interesting.

Day 1:

The trip started out on the morning before Thanksgiving.  The forecast had called for snow starting in the afternoon mainly to the north, but it seemed to be changing by the minute.  We planned to hit the road by 9am to stay ahead of the storm and would take I-95 out of PA to I-695 around Baltimore and pickup I-301 to avoid Washington.

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Well, nothing really went as planned.  We left about an hour late and started hitting snow about an hour into the drive.  Not enough to be overly concerned with, but it did add some stress to the drive.  I also failed to notice I-97 connects I-695 to I-301, so I missed my exit.  Because of that we ended up spending a lot of extra time standing still in Washington DC Thanksgiving traffic.  Out 5 1/2 hour drove down turned out to be 7 1/2 hours, but the kids did great and we made it with just one stop for a quick bathroom break.

We arrived at Jellystone just before dark and was setup with little light to spare.  The site isn’t great, but it’s next to the park so that’s convenient.


Day 2:

Thanksgiving is here and everyone was ready to get started.  Our site was right next to the park, so the kids went off to play while we prepared food.  We did a 1/2 turkey in a crock pot and really weren’t sure how this was going to turn out.  After we had dinner going we packed lunches and headed off to Colonial Williamsburg.


The weather wasn’t great, but manageable.  It was chilly and overcast to start and began to rain once we arrived at Colonial Williamsburg.  The rain stopped after about an hour and it really didn’t slow us down much.  We walked around and did a few tours until the kids started to lose interest.  We decided Colonial Williamsburg would be great if we could do it without the children, but there’s not much there to keep the younger ones interested for very long.



When we returned to the camp site we were met with the wonderful aroma of our turkey dinner.  The smell was amazing!!!  The kids headed back to the park while we finished prepping our Thanksgiving trailer feast.  After a little work and some creative kitchen moves we had everything ready to go and we all dug in.  The kids ate at the dinette and mom and dad were banished to the sofa.


All said and done, we all had a great Thanksgiving day.

Day 3:

Now it’s time for the real fun.  Busch Gardens opens at 2pm and we’re going to tear this park up.  We arrived at the park at 2pm sharp and made our way into the park.  As we walked in the line for the show Scrooge was beginning to form an hour before show time and I don’t think we’ll be waiting in that line.  Neither of us are big on planning, so we made a right and went with it.  We’re now committed to out counter-clockwise adventure.




We all really liked the park and had a blast.  We stopped for some shows and the kids did some rides along the way.  I likes that there was a mix of activities as you made your way through the park.



As the kids hit the end of their energy we started heading out of the park and skipped over the last two countries.  I was on a bee line to the parking lot and my wife notices the line for Scrooge was moving and was at the end of the line.  We walked right in and were able to get 6 of the last seats in the last row without waiting and the show turned out to be one of the highlights of our day.


When we finally got back to the site everyone was pretty pooped.  We all drank some hot chocolate and I sat out by the fire with the kids.  Not a bad ending to the day.


Day 4:

Day for unexpectedly started early for us.  Sometime in the middle of the night our 3-year-old got sick in her bed and then climbed into our without waking anyone.  We were then roused from our sleep at 2am to that same 3-year-old getting sick in our bed.  We were able to get her along with everything else cleaned up without waking the rest of them up and she fell back asleep with her bucket.  Needless to say this wasn’t the ending to the trip we were hoping for.

Our plans for the last day were to check-out and finish Busch Gardens, but we weren’t about to test our luck.  We packed up, checked out, and drove home.  On the way home we took the route we planned for on the way down and it saved us about an hour.


Even with a few speed bumps it was a nice trip and we were all glad we did it.  When I asked the kids at the end what their favorite part was my daughter said “funnel cake”.  That was certainly the most expensive and time-consuming funnel cake I’ll ever buy.