5 things we love about our RV

After spending so much time looking for the perfect RV, we came pretty close to what we really need as a family.  We decided on a travel trailer that required a fairly extensive repairs (roof, walls, floor, etc.).  Below are some of the things we love about our trailer.

  1. The bunk house: This room is amazing!!!   It has 4 bunks and 4 wardrobe cabinets to go along with it.  This has worked perfectly for our 4 kids and we wouldn’t change a thing about it.
  2. The slide: Because of our driveway we’re limited to a 25-26′ trailer.  Without having our bed in this slide out I don’t think we’d be able to make a trailer of this length work for 6 people comfortably.
  3. The awning: This is nothing unique to our trailer, but when repairing the trailer I considered leaving the awning off.  I’m VERY glad I reinstalled the awning as it creates much more usable outdoor living space.  I can’t imagine not having the awning at this point.
  4. The height: When we first purchased the trailer I needed to drag it up the driveway on the bumper.  I considered installing skid wheels, but then decided to lift the trailer.  I installed the Dexter Axle Flip kit on both axles which have us an additional 6.5″ of clearance.  We now just clear the bumper by about an inch or so, but still need to remove the rear stabilizers and the tongue jack each time.  I would like to install quick release adapters for both the stabilizers and tongue jack to speed up setup.
  5. The memories: Everything from the experience repairing the trailer to all of the fun we have camping in it together.  It’s all created great memories for the whole family and we’re just getting started.


What do you love about your RV?  Leave a comment and let us know.