Our trip to the 2015 Oaks RV show

We know the new purchase is at least a year away, but we went to our first RV show of the year today.  We typically attend two RV shows each year (Hershey & Oaks PA) just to browse, but now that we know we love camping we started looking for the next great thing.  This afternoon we spent a few hours without the kids looking over RV’s at the Greater Philadelphia RV Show.

We love our current trailer and it was a labor of love getting it back on the road, but we know there are a few extra features we’d like to have.  Another issue is that our current trailer is 13 years old, isn’t getting any younger, and I expect on-going maintenance issues.  Given these realities, we started our search for the next family RV.

Some items we’re looking for that our current unit doesn’t have are:

  • Dedicated bedroom for mom & dad.  It’s great that we have a queen bed in the rear slide which keeps our length at a minimum, but we don’t like climbing over things to get in bed and we have no storage of our own.
  • Slide out in the living area.  Right now we have a dinette and jack knife sofa, but there only about 2′ between them.  It would be great to have a living area that didn’t require us to climb over each other.

Some items that we love and are a must have in the new trailer:

  • Double bunks!!!  We love that the kids have a separate bedroom and they all have their own bed.
  • Less than 30′.  Due to our driveway situation we’re limited to approximately a 30′ overall length.
  • Spring over axle suspension.  Again, due to the driveway setup we need the extra height.  This will likely be a modification we make post purchase.
  • Decent size pass through.  Although we don’t back a lot, with a family of six we don’t want to run out of space.

With these requirements in mind, our favorite travel trailer of the afternoon was the Evergreen Sun Valley S283BH LTD.  This trailer may be a foot or two over out length limit, but the features all fit our family needs well.  We’ll be spending the next season enjoying our current trailer as we continue our search.  Wish us luck.