Test trip for the start of the 2015 season

We’ve been wanting to take a quick trip locally to blow the dust off the camper before any longer road trips and decided a driveway camping trip to my cousins house was in order. After a few beers we decided the kids would want to all sleep in the trailer after their communion party and we then dubbed this “Communionstock”. On Saturday morning I texted my cousin to make sure this was still a good idea after we slept off those beers and then proceeded to cleanout the trailer for the first time after the long (way too long) winter. We cleaned it up a bit, made the beds, and aired the tires but left the water lines winterized since we were short on time.

On the drive over we did run into one unexpected problem.  As I rounded a turn I noticed an emergency exit window flapping in the wind.  It turns out my son was playing with the latch before we left and I didn’t catch it, so I now have an addition to my pre-trip checklist.

Once we arrived at their house the kids at the party went nuts!!!  I think we may have inspired a few of them to start on their parents to come camping with us.  During the party we let them use the trailer like a clubhouse and the girls quickly gained control.  At one point the girls had the doors locked and were questioning anyone that entered.

After the party my wife and I slept in the trailer with eight kids which went surprisingly well.  There was no fighting and everyone quickly fell a sleep, so they must have played themselves out during the day.

In all it was a good trip.  The kids had a blast, we may have made some new campers, and the wheels went round.  We’re now ready to start the season and are planning for our first real trip in May.

5 things we don’t love about our RV

It’s been a few months since we made our “5 things we love about our RV” post and now that things are thawing out here in Pennsylvania we’ve begun thinking again.  We’ll be prepping our trailer over the next few weeks for the season and have started thinking about things we’d like to change.  So, here’s our list of 5 things we don’t love about our trailer.

  1. No slide: This isn’t something we can change, but it would be REALLY nice to have a side slideout. We really discovered this when camping for Thanksgiving and squeezed 6 people into the dinette and sofa to eat. We’d like to have some extra space to move around in the kitchen and dinette area for sure.
  2. Master bed position: It’s great that we can have a bunkhouse and queen bed in a 25′ trailer, but because the queen sits in the slide sideways I need to climb over my wife in the middle of the night for any trips to the bathroom. It would be nice to have the bed situated long ways, but this it another limitation we can’t change.
  3. Rear bumper: This is a small one, but the rear bumper is stamped and cannot hold a sewer hose. We also don’t have a receiver to mount bike racks, etc. The bumper is mounted on the frame of the slide, so I’m not sure I want to put extra weight on there. I’m considering a 4×4 bumper and a hitch, but I really need to decide if I want the extra weight back there. This isn’t a show stopper and we’ll get around to this eventually.
  4. Lack of insulation: When we purchased the trailer the water leaking through the roof was retained in the underbelly by the waterproof membrane. When we completed the repairs all the insulation was removed and left off for the time being to air out. When we went out for Thanksgiving you could really feel how cold the floors were and we used throw rugs as a temporary barrier. New insulation is on our list of fixes for this season.
  5. Worn decals: The 14 year old vinyl graphics have seen better days. We own a large vinyl cutter and this is on our list of things to do, but it’s not a priority. We’ll have new graphics at some point when I decide I feel like peeling the old ones off and I think we’ll be sticking with the circus theme.


Luckily it was much harder to come up with the list of things we don’t like about our trailer. We still love the trailer, but have started looking for our next unit which may be a few years off.

What would you change about your RV?  Leave a comment and let us know.