How to make a propane cover (version 2)

After pitting far too much effort into a replacement propane cover last year it quickly ripped off the trailer on our first trip.  I spent hours cutting hand fitting heating, bending, plastic welding and epoxying 1 sheet of 1/2 PVC until it fit just right.  I then attached it with 2 thumb screws instead of three, which at the time I knew was a mistake, and quickly ignored the pesky voice in my head.  After all that work I had the pleasure of watching it fly away in my rearview mirror.

For version 2, I used a sheet of corrugated plastic sandwiched between 2 sheets of aluminum.  I had this material laying in the garage for years with nothing to do with it and now it has a purpose.  Knowing that version 2 is temporary I spent far less time on it (maybe 20 minutes total) and it shows.

I started my cutting the sheet to shape and tearing the aluminum from one side so it could be bent.  Because there’s a corrugated plastic core I needed to use a razor to remove some of the plastic where I needed to bend the cover.  Also, the bend isn’t very smooth because of the corrugated plastic.  After that I drilled 2 holes and mounted it up.

Version 1 propane cover.  RIP
Version 1 propane cover. RIP

The cover isn’t pretty, but I knew going in it was temporary.  I’m still contemplating version 3, so after almost a year we still have the temporary cover and it’s going strong (but ugly).

If you have any suggestions for version 3 leave a comment below.