How to remove RV vinyl graphics and install custom decals

A few weeks back we posted How we made and installed our new vinyl RV decals.  I decided we didn’t include enough detail in that video, so we decided to make a follow-up.

Checkout the below video if you’re interested in seeing a step-by-step of how we remove old, weathered, dry, vinyl decals and install new custom decals.

We’re slowly replacing all the old vinyl decals on our trailer with new ones.  It’s slow going and gets done when we don’t have any more pressing things to do, but we’ll finish it someday.

Building a small RV – Popup Demolition: Part 1

So, after our long RV project search we finally found something that would work.  And the best part was the price…FREE.  We went back and forth over building a small RV from scratch or rebuilding a vintage travel trailer and when a free popup with title became available we jumped on it.

The good news it was free and there are some parts there we can use.  We’ve stripped everything we may use on the new build and have torn it about 1/2 way down.

Checkout the below video to see how day one of demolition went.

We hope to have the trailer down to it’s bare frame in the next week or so.  In the mean time we’re starting to plan the build and everything that goes along with it.

How we made and installed our new vinyl RV decals

When we first rebuilt our travel trailer we removed the graphics from the nose and repaired a hole from the previous owner.  After repainting we installed a vinyl monkeys, but have been meaning to finish the front for a while now.

I know most people don’t own a vinyl cutter, so I won’t go into great deal on how we cut the vinyl.  If you have any questions just ask, but any sign shop can design and gut custom graphics for you.

To install, you’ll need the masked graphics, painters tape, scissors, tape measure, cleaner (affiliate link) and a application squeegee (affiliate link).  You can also use application fluid (affiliate link) to install the graphics wet which will let you move them around while installing.

Here’s the video we just posted on our install.


Introduction to our new RV project

After months of searching for a new project we found one right up our alley.  And our alley is free.  We ended up with a 1993 Jayco Eagle 10 pop-up.  There’s not much besides the frame, axle and wheels we’ll be re-using, but it came with a title and I plan to re-purpose some of the trailer for different projects.

We don’t have our plans set at this point, but our goal is to build a small “date night” RV for mom and dad outings.  Think large tear drop.

Here’s a quick intro video for this project with a walk around of our new dream RV.


Stay tuned for updates over the next few weeks as we tear into the trailer and decide on the direction we’re going with it.  If you have any suggestions, ideas, or comments leave them down below.