Camping without the kids part 2: Tennessee, Georgia & North Carolina

So, day 3 was the start of the meat of our trip.  If you haven’t seen part 1 of our adventure click here.  This was the day we were heading to Chattanooga which we’ve been looking forward to for a while now.  Neither of us have visited Tennessee before, so this was a long awaited trip for sure.  Our plan was to spend a few days exploring Chattanooga, do a day trip into Georgia, and then spend a few days in North Carolina visiting family.

Checkout the video below to see the highlights of the 2nd leg of this trip.

And here’s Part 1 if you missed it.

So, in the end this was an awesome 8 days.  I joked with Sandie that this was the best 8 days we’ve had in 12 years.  We had a blast together, saw so many new things, and had some very peaceful/quiet drives (and we don’t get too many of those.

Camping without the kids part 1: West Virginia & Virginia

So, we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary than to ditch the kids for a vacation.  Well, that vacation turned into an 8 day/1906 mile camping trip between Pennsylvania and Georgia.  We spent the first 2 days exploring West Virginia and Virginia and would have loved to spend many more there.  Checkout the below video to see the start of our anniversary adventure as we tried to squeeze as much of Harpers Ferry, WV and Buchanan, VA in as we could.

Keep an eye out for the next part of our trip, Tennessee and Georgia.  We have tons (76.6GB to be exact) of awesome footage that we’ll be editing this week thanks to the new camera and drone.

How we make RV pizza

So, for those of you that know us this will be no surprise to you.  Pizza Friday is about as holy of a tradition as you can get in our household and will not be missed for anything, including camping.  It’s been difficult to adhere to when traveling, but we’ve resorted to going out for pizza, getting take-out, and suffering through pre-made crusts in the RV.  Well, we recently had a friend introduce us to Wewalka dough and thought it would be perfect for RV camping trips…and we were right!  This has been a huge step up for us in the way of pizza while camping and have also started using this at home instead of handmade dough.

Our new pizza routine is to make sauce before we leave the house and pack pizza dough and cheese.  Don’t forget a pizza stone (don’t leave it in the oven when traveling), peel, and pizza cutter!  Checkout the below video to see how we do it.

We’ve only found this at Giant locally, but click here for their store locator.

They also have a $1 off coupon on their website.

Anniversary trip, trailer project and new camera gear

We’ve been busy prepping for this weeks road trip, so we didn’t have time to complete a proper video.  We didn’t want to skip a week, so we decided to do an update on our latest trip, the trailer project and some new camera gear we picked up to improve our videos.  Checkout the video below for the details.

Here are some Amazon Affiliate links the camera items we picked up.

DJI Phanton 3 Standard –
Panasonic Lumix G7 –
Joby GorillaPod SLR –
Takstar SGC-598 –

Smart Tiles one year update and installing some more

Well, it’s been a year since we’ve installed our Smart Tiles back splash and wanted to give an update.  When Sandie came home with “Tile Stickers” I must say I was more than a little hesitant.  My initial reaction went something like “There’s no way I’m putting these fake a** tiles on the wall”, but after reading up on them I decided to give them a shot.  At about $10/sheet I was also put off by the price, but considering there’s no need for thin set, grout, floats, sponges and a messy cleanup they all of a sudden start to look like a great value.  Plus they won’t chunk off the wall while we’re bouncing the trailer down the road.  Checkout the below video to see our Smart Tiles update and watch us install them in the bath.

Now having them installed for a year I must say that I’m a believer.  If you know us, we’re not exactly easy on anything we own and these Smart Tiles are holding up wonderfully so far.  There’s absolutely no signs of wear and the adhesive (which I wasn’t all that confident in) shows no signs of quitting.  I must say I’d recommend these tiles to anyone looking to improve the looks of their RV without breaking the bank or sweating too much.

Since I installed the original back splash I’ve been squirreling away some scraps to add to the bathroom at some point.  Around the bathroom counter we have some shoddy plastic trim that’s cracked and broken and I’ve wanted to do something to make it look nicer for a while.  Now that our back splash has made it a year I guess it’s about time to do the bathroom and finally throw the rest of my scraps away.

If you haven’t seen the original Smart Tiles install video you can check it out here: