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Our visit with Augusta RV at the 2016 Hershey RV Show

So, we’ve started looking for our next RV which made this trip to Hershey even more fun.  Most of the time we wander around RV shows, dream and drool over the sea of new RV’s but this year we had a mission!  Find the best family friendly RV’s on the market.  Well, this mission was derailed when we happened upon the Augusta RV booth.  We love to checkout the amazing 5th wheels on display and we were sucked right in.  After spending about an hour in their booth we knew Augusta was something special!

As soon as we stepped foot into the first Augusta unit we knew we were in for a treat.  These are obviously premium RV’s and are what we’d call “semi-custom”.  The fit and finish were second to none.  The colors, textures, and materials used were a step up from most other RV’s we’ve been through.  During our tour through 4 different units we were able to checkout a good combination of floorplans and interior decor (our favorites were Beachfront and Manhattan). Speaking with the folks from Augusta you could tell they REALLY care about making the best 5th wheels possible.  They pride themselves on producing 5th wheels that are designed for full time use and it shows.  For example, the walls in the Luxe model are 3.25″ thick and the frame rails are 12″ I beams.

To see the highlights of our time with Augusta checkout the below video:

Augusta RV is a factory direct manufacturer which is an interesting prospect.  I know everyone loves the process of going to a dealership and that whole carnival show, but if you decide on an Augusta you’ll need to skip that step.  Buying from a local dealer has always given me a warm and fuzzy feeling, but in reality what are the chances of something breaking on your RV while at home.  Augusta also has a list of nationwide service centers that they’ve already vetted.

For those in the market for a toy hauler, keep an eye on Augusta.  They’re working on a Luxe Toy hauler which should be available soon.

To see all of what Augusta has to offer, visit:


Minute Tips: Replacing axle grease caps

If you like your videos short and sweet this new Minute Tips series is for you.  In our first video in this series we show you how we remove and install axle grease caps.  Checkout the video below:

How to make a cordless drill mount for the RV

Well, after a few years of digging through the toolbox for my drill every time we setup and breakdown camp I finally got sick of it.  I needed to find a way to keep a cordless drill handy for putting the stabilizers up and down.  I wanted the drill in the same place each time I needed it and I don’t think that’s asking too much.

I’ve been planning to add some basic drill mounts to the workbench at home and was leaning towards a basic PVC mount that a lot of YouTube woodworkers have done.  So for this project I started with that idea and added a few features to make it roadworthy.

Here’s a list of supplies and tools I used for this project:
* Short (7-8″) section of 3″ PVC pipe
* Old piece of thin shock cord/bungee cord
* 1/2″ thick piece of foam (floor mat)
* Contact cement (I use Barge cement)
* Paint
* 3/4″ wood screws
* Drill
* Dremel
* Jig saw
* An old drill to keep in the RV

Once you have the materials together the build is pretty quick and easy.  It took me less than an hour to get it together and painted and I was winging this build (like most of our other stuff).  Checkout the below video to see how I did it and I’ve included steps below just in case you need them.

Step 1: Cut a section of 3″ PVC to length.
Step 2: Cut the slot to the handle to fit it.  Make sure the trigger rests below the bottom of the PVC.  I used a jig saw to rough out the shape and a Dremel to smooth it out and tweak the shape of the opening.
Step 3: Drill 1/4″ holes on the side to attach a piece of shock cord.  This will hold the drill in the mount when driving down the road.
Step 4: Heat and flatten the top of the PVC.  I wanted a flat area to mount this to avoid having the weight of the drill shake the screws loose.
Step 5: I used contact cement to attach a 1/2″ thick piece of foam to the inside top of the mount.  This was to stop the drill from jumping up and resting on the trigger while the shock cord pulled the drill forward into it.
Step 6: Paint it a pretty color.  There’s nothing better that a flashy tool holder, so I went with black.  I used black Plasti Dip for that extra bit of bling, but feel free to use any color you want as long as it’s black.  I think Henry Ford was onto something there.

This was a simple and cheap project that served a well needed purpose.  Have you done something similar or have a better idea?  Post it in the comments below.