About Me

A little intro

I’m a Scorpio, like long walks on the beach and a good slice(s) of pizza.  I also like dirt, camping, power tools, working until I bleed, and kittens (come on, you know you do too).  Oh yeah, I’m a big fan of my family…guess I can’t forget them!

Now with that said, who am I?

Am I’m just a guy with a camera and a computer that likes to make things? I guess…kind of.

I’ve always liked to tinker. Growing up with a railroad mechanic dad I always had access to tools, parts, and just random stuff. As early as I can remember I always took things apart and occasionally fixed them. It started with smashing Hot Wheels with dads hammer, then setting up my own workshop (with dads tools) in the basement to work on my BMX bike, and finally cutting 2×4’s with his chainsaw. On top of having access to a plethora of tools and material, my dad always had some sort of job going. Sometimes it was drywall and others it was him buying a dump truck and steamroller to blacktop a parking lot. Now, if only that dump truck dumped when loaded with blacktop!

So, long story short, I’m a guy with a camera that likes to make stuff. I also like to include my kids in the making of said stuff when I can. I also like to share that stuff with others.