Building a small RV – Rust removal and painting the frame

Today marks our first milestone in our travel trailer build project.  With the first coat of paint we’re now done our tear down and we’re officially starting to build it back up.  Checkout the below video to see our progress.


We started by cutting some unneeded steel from the frame.  This was the mount for the popup lift and a runner that the factory used to attach the sub-floor.  We won’t be using either, so they were removed to save a few pounds.

After the frame was cleaned up we attached a wire wheel to the grinder and went to town.  Being that the pop-up camper is 15 years old we had plenty of rust to attend to.

Once the rust was removed I applied Klean Strip Phosphoric Prep & Etch to the frame to take care of the rest of the rust and let it sit overnight.  In the morning I went back with a soap, water, and scrub brush to clean the entire frame.

The last thing we did was apply paint.  I used Rustoleum Rust Reformer as a base coat and then Rustoleum Satin Black on top of that.

With the frame cleaned and painted we’re ready to start laying out the floor plan and building on top of it.  Stay tuned for more up updates and don’t forget to check us out on YouTube.