How we make RV pizza

So, for those of you that know us this will be no surprise to you.  Pizza Friday is about as holy of a tradition as you can get in our household and will not be missed for anything, including camping.  It’s been difficult to adhere to when traveling, but we’ve resorted to going out for pizza, getting take-out, and suffering through pre-made crusts in the RV.  Well, we recently had a friend introduce us to Wewalka dough and thought it would be perfect for RV camping trips…and we were right!  This has been a huge step up for us in the way of pizza while camping and have also started using this at home instead of handmade dough.

Our new pizza routine is to make sauce before we leave the house and pack pizza dough and cheese.  Don’t forget a pizza stone (don’t leave it in the oven when traveling), peel, and pizza cutter!  Checkout the below video to see how we do it.

We’ve only found this at Giant locally, but click here for their store locator.

They also have a $1 off coupon on their website.