Checking out the Spartan Motors RV motorhome chassis

We recently began focusing our search for our next RV on Class A motorhomes and quickly realized there’s a whole lot more to consider than gas vs diesel.  While we’ve always enjoyed drooling over motorhomes at RV shows we never really got into the weeds until we really started shopping.  It was then that we really started looking at the structure that keeps it all together…the chassis.

We see each RV manufacturer tout the chassis used in each model as if it’s part of the winning equation, but we what’s really important to us?

* Do we need the million mile capability of a diesel pusher chassis?  Probably not.
* Is the extra cost worth the better fuel mileage?  I doubt it.
* Is the extra power from the diesel pusher worth the extra cost?  I think so.
* How about ride quality, reliability and safety?  Yes, I think.
* Freightliner, Spartan, Ford, Cummins, Detroit, V10?  Jeez, we’re not sure.

We had a lot of these questions and the more we searched the more questions we came up with.  We’re leaning towards a diesel pusher for many reasons, but there’s still the question of chassis.  A motorhome is a huge investment and don’t want to base our decision based solely on floor plan and color cabinets without understanding what makes it all tick.

So when we had the opportunity to speak with the folks over at Spartan Motors we jumped at it and I’m glad we did.  They were super knowledgeable and it’s not everyday to have the chance to see these details up close and personal.  They have us the grand tour, answered questions (lots of them) and even got some tips on what to look for in a used motorhome if we decide to go that route.

Checkout the below video to see some of what Spartan Motors has to offer.

And for more info visit

Our visit with Augusta RV at the 2016 Hershey RV Show

So, we’ve started looking for our next RV which made this trip to Hershey even more fun.  Most of the time we wander around RV shows, dream and drool over the sea of new RV’s but this year we had a mission!  Find the best family friendly RV’s on the market.  Well, this mission was derailed when we happened upon the Augusta RV booth.  We love to checkout the amazing 5th wheels on display and we were sucked right in.  After spending about an hour in their booth we knew Augusta was something special!

As soon as we stepped foot into the first Augusta unit we knew we were in for a treat.  These are obviously premium RV’s and are what we’d call “semi-custom”.  The fit and finish were second to none.  The colors, textures, and materials used were a step up from most other RV’s we’ve been through.  During our tour through 4 different units we were able to checkout a good combination of floorplans and interior decor (our favorites were Beachfront and Manhattan). Speaking with the folks from Augusta you could tell they REALLY care about making the best 5th wheels possible.  They pride themselves on producing 5th wheels that are designed for full time use and it shows.  For example, the walls in the Luxe model are 3.25″ thick and the frame rails are 12″ I beams.

To see the highlights of our time with Augusta checkout the below video:

Augusta RV is a factory direct manufacturer which is an interesting prospect.  I know everyone loves the process of going to a dealership and that whole carnival show, but if you decide on an Augusta you’ll need to skip that step.  Buying from a local dealer has always given me a warm and fuzzy feeling, but in reality what are the chances of something breaking on your RV while at home.  Augusta also has a list of nationwide service centers that they’ve already vetted.

For those in the market for a toy hauler, keep an eye on Augusta.  They’re working on a Luxe Toy hauler which should be available soon.

To see all of what Augusta has to offer, visit: