Making a resin 4 finger ring

This week I decided to channel my inner LL Cool J and cast and shape a resin 4 finder ring. I cast a thin blank that I cut the letters out of and then cast those in more resin to create the larger blanks.

Below is the resin, dye and pearl used for this project. (Amazon Affiliate Links)

Alumilite Clear resin:
Alumilite dye:
Jacquard Pearl Ex powder:

Making resin NJ & Lake Ontario for the #USMakerProject

The US Maker Project is the brainchild of DA Woodworking and is a  collaboration of 50 makers each making a US state using the material and style of their choice. Once each state is completed they’re being assembled into an 8′ map that will them me displayed to the public.

Browse all of the US Maker Projects on Instagram:

DA Woodworking

Making a Monster High skull with resin bow – Shogun Jimi Skull Challenge 2017

This is my entry to Shogun Jimi’s skull challenge 2017. I was initially planning to go in a different direction, but decided at the last minute to make something for my youngest daughter. So here it is, a Monster High skill with an Alumilite resin bow!

Skull Challenge 2017 Playlist
Shogun Jimi’s channel