Making Personalized Pokemon Signs

I won’t claim to understand the Pokemon thing, but I do understand that our kids and their friends go nuts over them.  We thought it would be cool to make a little something for some great friends that are also Pokemon maniacs.  We wanted to do something unique that you can’t just go out and pickup at Target and decided to go the personalized route.

To get started we needed to find a good Pokemon font.  We found what we were looking for at

Next, we took a Pokemon card to Home Depot to match the colors.  We found some quarts of paint on clearance for $1.98 and had cans of blue and yellow mixed up.

Once we had the paint ready to go it was time to cut out the names.  We went with 1/2″ MDF because it’s easy to cut and it’s thick enough to give them dimension.  The thickness also lets them stand up on their own.  After using spay adhesive to apply the printouts of the names, we cut them on the band saw (you could use a jig saw or scroll saw if you have them).

After the names were cutout, we sanded all the edges, primed them, and painted the yellow base coat.  We then covered the letters with painters tape and used the original paper names to cutout the areas to be painted blue and then finished the paint job.

To see how we made the signs checkout the video below.